ICSM 2017 Keynote Speaker 2 – Mr. Lennart Stegland

ICSM Keynote

Mr. Lennart Stegland has 36 years of experience with the Volvo Car Corporation (VCC), and currently serving as the Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia since 1st of January 2016. He has degree in technology and diploma in marketing. His vast experience in the automotive industry include the following:

  • Customer relation specialist, wholesale operation fasteners Gothenburg
  • Project management R&D, 8 years, VCC
  • Marketing support MS&S, 7 years, VCC
  • GM Private importers, VCEM Brussels, 5 years
  • MD VCC Austria, 3 years
  • MD VCC Austria + HUB ECE, 4 years
  • MD VCC Central Europe, 3 years
  • VP VCC, Special Vehicles, Drive-E, R-design, Inscription, VOR, XC 90, Police, C 30 El, 5 years
  • VP R&D Gothenburg, EPS, Volvo, 2 years
  • VP CEMT, VCEPS, China, 1.5 year

Link to website, here.

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