JSAEM – Volume 1 Issue 2

Journal of the Society of Automotive Engineers Malaysia (JSAEM) (Link to the journal)

Vol. 1 Issue 2 (May 2017) (Link to the page)

  1. Paying Big Bucks for Cool Number Plates
  2. Engine-Compatible Biodiesel from Leucaena leucocephala Seed Oil
  3. An Observational Study on Speeding among Malaysian Express Bus Drivers
  4. Factors, Effects, and Preferences on Vehicle Driving Modification for the Malaysia Independent Disabled Driver
  5. Towards Autonomous Vehicle Implementation: Issues and Opportunities
  6. A Techno-Economical and Automotive Emissions Impact Study of Global Biodiesel Usage in Diesel Engines
  7. Comparative Analysis of Motorcycle Braking Performance in Emergency Situation
  8. Automotive Consumerism in Malaysia with Regard to Car Maintenance
  9. Crash Investigation on Automobile vs. Crash Barrier: Assessment of W-Beam Guardrail with respect to REAM Standard
  10. Benefit Mapping of Anti-Lock Braking System for Motorcycles from India to Indonesia

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Journal of the Society of Automotive Engineers Malaysia (JSAEM) is peer-reviewed and published three times a year by Society of Automotive Engineers Malaysia. It strives to provide a medium of publication for original research in the multidisciplinary areas of automotive engineering.

JSAEM supports barrier-free online dissemination of scholarly research. The electronic full text version of the journal is available free of charge.

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