JSAEM – Vol. 2 Issue 1 (Jan 2018)

The first issue of 2018 – Vol. 2 (Jan 2018):

  1. Driving Green Economy for Malaysia through Green Technology and Green Culture (Editorial) – page 2-4 (link to download, here)
  2. A Study on the Use and Misuse of Child Restraint System (CRS) in Malaysia – page 5-13 (link to download, here)
  3. A Study on Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Pump System Performance using Model-Based Simulation – page 14-22 (link to download, here)
  4. Modelling and Simulation of Powertrain System for Electric Car – page 23-34 (link to download, here)
  5. Determining Characteristics and Engine Emission of Steam Generated Water-in-Diesel Emulsion Fuel – page 35-42 (link to download, here)
  6. Vehicle Localization Using Wheel Speed Sensor (WSS) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) – page 43-59 (link to download, here)
  7. Monotonous Driving Environment along Highway and Driver Behaviour in Malaysia: A Review – page 60-74 (link to download, here)
  8. Motorcycles ‘keep left’ order: Is it viable? – page 75-79 (link to download, here)
  9. A Study on Gender and Vehicle Use in Relation to Awareness and Attitude toward Festive Season OPS – page 80-91 (link to download, here)
  10. Evaluating Risk Factors in Motorcycle-Passenger Car Crashes through Real-World Investigation – page 92-105 (link to download, here)

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