ICSM 2018 – Accepted Papers

Paper ID Title Aff.
01-AN-01 Detection and Warning System for Motorcycle Vehicular Collision Avoidance UTM
02-AN-02 A Study on Malaysian Motorcyclist Behavior from the Perspective of Pick-up Truck UTM
04-AN-03 Evaluation of Adult Occupant Protection with Analytical Hierarchy Process: Offset Frontal Test Domain UMP
07-AN-04 Prioritization of Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Method UMP
08-AN-05 Prioritization of Side Impact Test in Adult Occupant Protection for ASEAN NCAP UMP
09-AN-06 Priority Factor Influence Public Interest in Owning Vehicle with AEB System UTEM
16-AN-07 A Study on Vehicles Deceleration Rate at Primary Accident Location to Avoid Secondary Accidents due to Rubbernecking Phenomena for Improvement of Human Behaviour Alteration through Implementation of AEB Technology UniMAP
17-AN-08 Identification of Blind Spot Zone for Passenger Cars using Grid-Based Technique UniMAP
18-AN-09 Wireless Signal Propagation Study on Connected Autonomous Vehicle Test Bed in Northern Region UniMAP
19-AN-10 The Impact of Human Resource Practices in Car Manufacturing Industry: Using a Job Characteristic Model UniMAP
20-AN-11 Study on Assessment of Unattended Child Presence Detection Systems for ASEAN NCAP UKM
21-AN-12 Preliminary Study on AEB System for Pedestrian Detection in Malaysia for ASEAN NCAP UKM
22-AN-13 Child Restraint Systems Reference List for ASEAN NCAP UTM
23-AN-14 Identification of Motorcycle Accident Scenarios and Post-Crash Kinematics of Motorcyclists in Thailand UTNB
24-AN-15 Rollover Risk Probability Analysis for SUV’s and MPV’s in the ASEAN Market ITB
25-AN-16 Visual Performance and Safety-Related Impacts of Various High Beam Headlights Intensities UTHM
Paper ID Title Aff.
03-GE-01 To Devise a Linear Quadratic Regulator Based Control for Enhancing Vehicle Ride Comfort for an Active Suspension System MJIIT
10-GE-04 The Use of Safety Warning Triangle Among Malaysian Private Vehicle Users MIROS
11-GE-05 Assessing Learner Driver’s Aptitude in Vehicular Control UKM
13-GE-07 Authorised Service Centre vs General Workshop: Consumers’ Preference of Car Maintenance JPJ
14-GE-08 Exploring Big Bikes Crash Characteristics via News Analysis MIROS
15-GE-09 Effects of Fuel Ratio on Performance and Emission of Diesel-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Dual Fuel Engine UTHM
26-GE-10 Preference to Purchase Safer Car in Thailand: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour ASEAN NCAP
27-GE-11 Comparison of Intention to Purchase Safer Car between Malaysia and Thailand: An Application of Theory of Planned Behaviour ASEAN NCAP
28-GE-12 Experimenting the Effectiveness of Passenger Cars’ Blind Spot Technology (BST) in Detecting Motorcycles ASEAN NCAP
29-GE-13 Seatbelt Safety Awareness among Perlis Drivers: Demographic Differences UniMAP
30-GE-14 Automotive Consumer’s Practices and Behaviours: A Survey in East Malaysia MIROS
31-GE-15 A Psychosocial Approach to Sustainable Mobility in Malaysia MIROS
32-GE-16 Motorcycle Personal Protective Clothing Performance in Malaysia MIROS
33-GE-17 Study on the Establishment of Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) from Different Countries SAEM
34-GE-18 Reviewing Potential Issues of Allowing Moped on Malaysian Roads MIROS
35-GE-19 Application of Subjective Measures in Evaluating Sitting Discomfort: Pertinent Research and Recent Development UKM
36-GE-20 Vehicle Road Accident Prediction Model by Excess Zero Data along Federal Road FT050- Route Kluang-A/Hitam-B/Pahat UTHM
37-GE-21 Content Validation of a Malaysian Version of Motorcycle Rider Behaviour Questionnaire MIROS
38-GE-22 Malay Language and Road Safety in Malaysia MIROS
39-GE-23 Relationship Between Experience and Road Sign Knowledge Among Motorcycle Riders in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Indonesia APP Pol.
40-GE-24 Foot-Transmitted Vibration: Automotive Accelerator Pedal-Pad Vibration on Tarmac and Paved Road UKM
41-GE-25 Driver Head Kinematic Analysis under Frontal Offset Collision during the Rebound Phase ASEAN NCAP
42-GE-26 Crash Avoidance Technologies on Passenger Vehicles in a Highly Motorcycled Country: A Luxury or a Necessity? MIROS
43-GE-27 Understanding the Culture of High Engine Capacity Motorcycles in Malaysia – A Preliminary Study among the Malay Big Bikers MIROS

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