JSAEM – Vol. 2 Issue 2 (May 2018)

The second issue of 2018 – Vol. 2 (May 2018):

  1. EEV Initiative: Paving the Way for Greener Mobility in Malaysia – page 106-111 (link to download, click here)
  2. Numerical Simulation of Combustion Behavior of DI Diesel Engine with Conjunction of AMR and Embedding Refinement Strategies – page 112-126 (link to download, click here)
  3. Damping Behaviour of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Grafting on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Friction Material – page 127-140 (link to download, click here)
  4. Riding Hazards and Crash Risks Facing Malaysian Courier Riders in the Last Mile Delivery – page 141-150 (link to download, click here)
  5. Authorised Service Centre vs General Workshop: Consumers’ Preference of Car Maintenance – page 151-156 (link to download, click here)
  6. Effects of Fuel Ratio on Performance and Emission of Diesel-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Dual Fuel Engine – page 157-165 (link to download, click here)
  7. Vision-based Lane Departure Warning System – page 166-176 (link to download, click here)
  8. Preparation of Biodiesel from Hibiscus sabdariffa Seeds Oil using Calcium Oxide Catalyst from Waste Egg Shells – page 177-183 (link to download, click here)
  9. The Use of Safety Warning Triangle Among Malaysian Private Vehicle Users – page 184-198 (link to download, click here)
  10. Applying Subjective Measures to Evaluate Sitting Discomfort: Pertinent Research and Recent Developments – page 199-219 (link to download, click here)

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