Technical Course: Emerging NCAPs

SAE Malaysia, together with other organizations/programs (Global NCAP, ASEAN NCAP, Latin NCAP & MIROS) will organize a technical course on the 2nd of August 2019 as per the following:

Course title: Emerging NCAPs – A Silver Bullet to Vehicle Safety Enhancement


  1. Eng. Alejandro Furas
    Secretary General, Latin NCAP
  2. Prof. (Adjunct) Ir. Dr. Khairil Anwar Abu Kassim
    Director, Vehicle Safety & Biomechanics Research Centre (VSB), MIROS
    Secretary General, ASEAN NCAP

Time: 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Venue: MIROS, Kajang (MIROS Gallery)

Fee: FOC (sponsored by SAE Malaysia) and limited to 50 participants only.

For registration, kindly email to najwa[at] and salina[at]

Download the course document here: Latin & ASEAN NCAP Seminar 2.8.2019


One of the factors that contribute to the significant number of safer cars available in the current emerging markets is resulted from the establishment of new NCAPs since 2010. The New Car
Assessment Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean (Latin NCAP) offers consumers independent and transparent information about the safety levels of car models in the market since 2010.

Southeast Asian region followed a year later by initiating its own NCAP named ASEAN NCAP that originated from MIROS and Global NCAP collaboration activity. Countries in the Southeast Asia region are experiencing growth at variable rate but one thing for sure the mobility of the people is also changing progressively. The need for safer vehicles will match the increase risk while on the road. Hence, ASEAN NCAP is targeting to elevate vehicle safety standards, raise consumer awareness and thus encourage a market for safer vehicle in the region.

In order to democratize vehicle safety in other regions of the world, Global NCAP also introduced Safer Car for India program since 2014 and Safer Car for Africa in 2018. The main objective of these programs is to promote safer cars in the said regions.

This technical course offers the chance for participants to learn about the NCAPs in emerging markets; current updates, challenges and wins. By the end of the programme, participants are encouraged to ask questions and initiate discussion with the presenters. Furthermore, this event will be a great opportunity for participants to interact with the two Secretary Generals.

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